Statement of Philosophy

The school counselor at Park Trails Elementary believes all students are capable and encouraged to maximize their academic and social potential through a learning environment that reflects respect and caring community values.  All students have open access to the counselor and all guidance related activities. 

Every student at Park Trails Elementary is valued as a unique individual and collectively enhances the diverse student population where students of all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, cultures, races, sexual orientations, and special needs are celebrated.

All students benefit from Park Trails Elementary's comprehensive guidance program.  By participating in planned, programmatic activities and thoughtful educational planning, students receive the information and support needed to acquire and master competencies in academic, career, and personal/social developmental areas.

The guidance program is developmentally appropriate and adjusts with student and school needs.  The program is coordinated and evaluated by a school-based team while working in conjunction with parental and community stakeholders.  To monitor student competencies and program objectives, ongoing data is collected and evaluated by team members.  The data is used to plan/adjust guidance activities and formulate concrete goals.

The program is implemented by a state certified school counselor.  The counselor adheres to the ethical standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association.  The counselor also participates in ongoing professional development in order to access current research and techniques as well as network with other professionals in the counseling field.   

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